Wain Mobile Platform

Comprehensive Traffic Flow & Information Services

(means where is? in Arabic) application is available for download for free from the Apple and Android application stores. Developed by QMIC in collaboration with many strategic national entities, Wain is emerging as the de factor companion for users on Qatar roads. The application provides its users with an easy and smooth access to the tools necessary to enhance their driving experience in Qatar and act as a guide for visitors of Qatar.

Main Features

Live Parking


Electric Charging


National Address
Promoted POIs


Cycling routes

Value Proposition

  • Viewing and accessing real-time traffic information collected locally by a multi source network
  • Includes core capabilities such as dynamic updated maps, trip planning, and uses QMIC’s own GIS data
  • Utilizing a highly dynamic maps of the road network
  • Rich selection of the most important destinations and points of interest
  • Highly efficient channel of communication to a large and diverse group of road users
  • Potential to offer seamless services to locals as well as visitors of the country
  • Easily and effectively customizable to fit any customer needs          




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