Traffic Information

Comprehensive Traffic Flow & Information Services


Traffic Information


QMIC has been collecting traffic data using multi-source traffic sensing network which gives a complete view of traffic flow in Qatar, by using advanced algorithms and heuristics to get the final high quality of real-time traffic information, this information can be used in traffic map display, Traffic-dependent routing, Traffic incident detection and many other applications covering more than 50,000 KM of roads in Qatar.



Traffic Information Functionalities and Features Include: 







Real-Time traffic information showing congested roads



Timely incidents detection mechanism with alerts



Major Events impact on general traffic conditions in the area















Historical traffic information based on previously collected data



Traffic prediction for up to 30 minutes in the future



Construction work affecting the road network




















Dynamic updates on slowdowns in Traffic flow with a specified area




Major Road closures updates & alerts for the public













Parking Information

QMIC’s real-time parking information can be integrated to the PMS (Parking management system) and get a real-time parking spaces(available, occupied)

QMIC SMART parking solutions can be integrated with most of PMS available in the market with quick easy integration process.









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