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Wain (means where is? in Arabic) application is available for download for free from the Apple and Android application stores. Developed by QMIC in collaboration with many strategic national entities, Wain is emerging as the de-factor companion for users on Qatar roads. The application provides its users an easy and smooth access to the tools necessary to enhance their driving experience in Qatar and act as a guide for visitors of Qatar.



Value Proposition


  • Viewing and accessing real-time traffic information collected locally by a multisource network.
  • Utilizing a highly dynamic maps of the road network
  • Rich selection of the most important destinations and points of interest
  • Highly efficient channel of communication to a large and diverse group of road users
  • Potential to offer seamless services to locals as well as visitors of the country
  • Easily and effectively customizable to fit any customer needs








• Fully local and updated dynamic maps


• Advanced intelligent navigation


• Real-time traffic information


• Speed camera alerts


• Rich collection of POIs


• Real-time parking information services











 • Micro-apps that utilize Wain enablers



 • Allows to search for a location by its National Address



• More precise search results










• Rich events section


• Add your special events or occasions


• View all up-to-date events in Qatar


• Share events with your friends





















Drive Safe



DriveSafe measures and alerts users about unsafe driving behaviors in order to enable users to better understand the situations which may cause them to react in an unsafe manner. The application will hopefully allow drivers to become more cautious of their actions and drive safely.










• Detecting unsafe driving behavior


• Visualizing violations on the map


• Automatic detection of starting and ending a trip


• Useful statistics or driving patterns and behaviors


• Customized driving tips based on behavior










Value Proposition



• Enabling visualization of higher risk locations and the ability for route optimization or behavior change.


• Monitoring and improving driver behavior by increasing awareness and inducing safety measures.


• Reducing maintenance costs for vehicles by reducing its wear and tear.


• Increase awareness on risky driving behaviors around.





























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