A Smart Way to Encourage Safe Driving

DriveSafe measures and alerts users about 5 unsafe driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, over speeding, severe over speeding, and harsh turning. This is conducted to enable users to better understand the situations which may cause them to drive in an unsafe manner. The application will hopefully allow drivers to become more cautious of their actions and drive safely, as it provides an efficient way to capture reckless driving behaviors in Qatar. Through this, the driver will be able to review their own statistics for each driving behavior, as well as revision of the users total scores.

Main Features

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Value Proposition

  • Enabling visualization of higher risk locations and the ability for route optimization or behavior change.
  • Monitoring and improving driver behavior by increasing awareness and inducing safety measures.
  • Reducing maintenance costs for vehicles by reducing its wear and tear.
  • Increase awareness on risky driving behaviors around.


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