Automated Heat Stress Monitoring Platform

HUMIDEX is a smart automated platform that continuously monitors and displays heat stress information. Alongside, it provides customized alerts to different stakeholders to ensure safe field operations in compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

Main features 

  • Innovative backend data platform to manage and view data and stations
  • Suite of sensors to continuously measure and calculate HSI
  • Smart alerting methods: LED Light Tower, Horn
  • Dynamic message sign to display HS value
  • Fully modular solution allowing for customizable implementation
HUMIDEX is an agile solution that can be customized according to the specific requirements of users

Value proposition 

  • End-to-end data platform and intelligence capabilities to replace manual tasks and ensure consistency
  • Enhancing productivity by better managing work time and breaks
  • Reducing dangerous exposure of labor to unsafe working conditions
  • Historical logging of data allows for compliance assessment and better planning
  • Increased accuracy of data collected because of localized sensing
  • Better management and visualization of data and decision making
  • Can be deployed in regional markets facing similar challenges
HUMIDEX infrastructure ensures a seamless and smart way of monitoring heat stress

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