Fleet Management

Smart Solution to Track & Maximize the Efficiency of Fleets



Smart Fleet Management Solution


QMIC’s Smart Fleet Management Solution allows you to monitor, track, and compile reports and data about your fleet and its drivers. With QMIC’s advanced tracking system and real-time traffic information, users will be able to maximize the efficiency of their fleet operations.





Shrink your costs

Using a fleet management solution can save the user, not only substantial time and effort, but actually reduce operational costs such as fuel costs, and maximize the efficiency of safety measures through monitoring driver behavior









Take Productivity to the next level

Get the most out of resources through efficient tracking of vehicle activity. Always be in the loop on the whereabouts of your company’s vehicles.












Real-time, all the time

QMIC can provide you with the most up-to-date GIS data, including the most up-to-date maps in Qatar, coupled with real-time traffic information that is collected from 3 different sources.






















Instant tracking and more

View the current location of your fleet vehicles instantly. Compare and review your vehicles trips and path through observing historical tracking data. Set up geo-fences to get alerts


















Detailed Reports for you

Exceptionally detailed data driven reports that showcase all the information you want and need about your fleet, vehicles location and movement, driving behaviors, speed violations and others. These reports will help you make the best decision according to the data collected. The time for manual reports is behind you.











Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling Module


An intelligent maintenance scheduling solution that can be added to QMIC’s Smart fleet management solution in order to help enterprises manage their fleet periodic and scheduled maintenance automatically.












Digitize vehicle information

Manage a full-on display of all relevant information regarding every vehicle in your fleet, all in one place.


















Maintenance when it’s needed the most

Schedule regular maintenance based on elapsed time and driven mileage. This ensures that you’re not wasting valuable resources on unnecessary maintenance procedures.























Putting Information between your hands

Manage registration and insurance renewals, and manage drivers’ HR info like ID and visa renewals. Get notifications






















Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application

To accommodate your busy schedule, we introducing a specialized mobile app that enables you to keep track of your vehicles, check reports, and manage your fleet on the go




















Live & Historical Tracking

In the palm of your hand is a tool that gives you the option of tracking the location and trips of every vehicle in your fleet with one click, whether in real-time or historically.

Reports on the Go

Complete overview of your reports can be accessed through our mobile app, so that you never miss the most relevant details.











Pick your package, better yet, customize your own.



QMIC’s Smart Fleet Management Solution can be tailored to fit the needs of your enterprise, and can provide you with the features that align with your interests. Just choose one of our multiple pricing packages to get the best value for you.





Real time & Historical Tracking

Fleet Sub-Categories

Dedicated Web Portal

Fleet Management Dashboard

Street Over Speeding Alert

 Geo-Fence (Real-time & Hisotrical Tracking, Entry/Exit Alert)

 Geo-Fence Over Speeding Alert

Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling Module

Driver Identification using Key

Driver Performance Information

Panic Button Alert

ifleet Basic

ifleet Advanced





Trip Summary Report

Location & Movement Report

Trip Anamoly Report

Over speed Report

Driver Scorecard Report

Geo-Fencing Over speed Report

Harsh Acceleration/ Deceleration Report 

Geo-Fence Excessive Idling Alert & Report 

Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application

 ifleet Basic

 ifleet Advanced








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