Heat Stress Index

An Automated System to Manage Worker Safety Under Humid and High Temperature Work Conditions


QMIC’s Smart Work Safety Management Solution (Shams)

is an automated system that can be used on a large scale in construction sites to overcome the shortcomings of the currently used monitoring methods and also provides important features that do not exist in the current methods.










How is “Shams” going to help you?


  1. For Executives and Project Managers, the Smart Work Safety Management Solution can provide accurate and valuable information about work stoppage, valuable information to use for proactive measures to make up lost time. That also comes with rich reporting and data analytics for future planning.
  2. HSE Managers and Inspectors can use the system to get an overall view of the heat stress severity at each site, in real time fashion and 24/7. Workers’ safety is enhanced by avoiding possible heat-related issues with the help of alert and notification tools
  3. Field Workers and Supervisors will have an easy and automated way to monitor and visualize the heat stress severity without any manual activity. Field supervisors will have the flexibility to determine their work/rest schedule for their shifts more easily.





Why is “Shams needed”?


  1. With the Smart Heat Stress Index Solution, measurements are automatic and location specific. Eliminating the need to send workers to the field to change flag colors during hostile weather conditions
  2. The system uses accurate sensors that are calibrated frequently to ensure precise readings, while the accuracy of the manual methods can be very low
  3. The system uses a tower of colored lights controlled automatically without the need for manual placement of colored flags to visualize the severity level of heat stress index state
  4. The system also will provide advanced data analytics and reporting features for future planning. Information can be automatically delivered using different channels (SMS, Email, Web Portal and Mobile Application)




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