IoT Enablement Platform

Labeeb IoT Enabling Platform

Labeeb IoT is a Cloud and On-Premise Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Platform. It provides an attractive environment (i.e. platform-as-a-service, open APIs, development tools, and documentation) for entrepreneurs, third party developers and enterprises to accelerate the development and deployment of new IoT services, and to help them achieve faster time-to-market. 


The Labeeb IoT platform is a Horizontal IoT enablement platform designed to address many segments but with a major focus and enablers for Smart City, Industrial IoT, Utilities, Agriculture and much more. 

Main Features

Labeeb™ IoT provides a wide of range of services including: 

  • Interconnection of any IoT device using standards and/or proprietary protocols;

  • The collection and filtering of data records from the IoT devices; 

  • The real-time and/or historical tracking of IoT devices status and malfunctions; 

  • The storage of the collected data records into SQL and No-SQL databases; 

  • The analysis of the collected data using an advanced data analytics framework; 

  • The management of devices and applications using access control policies;

  • Hosted application to build the business logic and IoT applications fully hosted on the platform and with ready to use enablers;

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