Connected Fleet

Intelligent Solutions & Services for your Fleet

Connected fleet is a rich suite of services under QMIC’s flagship product, Masrak™. Connected fleet covers an end-to-end range of services such as intelligent fleet, logistics management (iFleet), and vehicle dispatching (iDispatch).


Provides real-time/historical monitoring/tracking tools for users to have a broad view of certain daily fleet operations. iFleet comes with advanced features such as; geofencing, alerts, notifications, and a rich set of reports. This allows the optimal utilization of fleets, whether in daily operations or in response to unplanned events.


Provides an intelligent dispatching system that helps enterprises with dispatching operations whether through a tracking device or phone as a source of data; this system allows quick and smart dispatching of vehicles to respond to emergency situation, utilizing the knowledge of real-time traffic information, and most updated GIS and maps 

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