Complete Traffic Analytics Platform & Services




Traffic Analytics & Studies 


QMIC provides a complete traffic analytics services which are useful to ministries, transportation planners and consultants focused on improving traffic flow, Roads capacity and signal timing; to marketing companies seeking to optimize outdoor advertising campaigns; and to retailers evaluating new retail sites or those are looking to understand the movements of their customers.





Travel Time

Provides a comprehensive collection of historical travel time data

available to help analyzing how traffic responded to a specific moment or action was done in a certain road and at specific time.




Traffic flow speed provides a complete view on how the traffic are moving at what speed in real-time and historical by choosing a certain segment, Road, A to B point knowing and even from zone to zone in Qatar




Trips provide insights and analysis into the origin and destination of people trips are taking on daily basis, where they start and end their journeys and all the waypoints in between data can be generated in multiple ways such as reports and metrics.



Vehicle Counts & Turns

This service provides reports and insights about the number of

vehicles passing from certain road, and if the vehicle continues in
the route or it turned left or right, such information is very

useful for those are looking to knowing the number of vehicles

traveling to specific area in particular time


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