AI Platform For Smart Spaces

a. Smart Intersection & Protected Zones

Smart Intersection is an AI (computer vision artificial Intelligence) based system that provides the ability to detect vehicles at intersections in real-time. This enables the system to provide various intersection related statuses, such as queue length information, waiting time at signals, and the detection of yellow box violations, and vehicle turning movements.

The system further utilizes camera streams, the application of advanced AI algorithms alongside CCTV cameras feeds, to generate different alerts and reports through a central platform.

The system provides historical reporting features and real-time alerts, which help the users have visibility and use data-based decisions.

b. Smart Parking

Smart Parking is an AI (artificial intelligence) based system which supports parking management and monitoring. This is done by applying advanced algorithms on CCTV cameras, to detect and count vehicles in parking spaces (both on/off-street parking). This significantly helps and provides parking’s utilization information using a web portal.

The web portal has various advanced capabilities, such as reporting and real-time alerts. The users of the system will be able to receive alerts if any of the parking’s capacity exceeds specific utilization percentage, all in an automatic manner.

c. Traffic & Road Incidents

Falcon-I enables automatic traffic monitoring and road incident detection through QMIC’s computer vision and AI algorithms on top of CCTV camera feeds.

  • Congestion Detection
  • Queue Length Detection
  • Incidents/Accidents

Road operators can monitor the traffic status in real-time and receive alerts for specific parameters.

d. Crowd Counting & Analysis

One of Falcon-I’s applications, is crowd detection, counting & analysis. This model provides various capabilities of achieving this goal, using QMIC’s innovative computer vision and AI algorithms on top of CCTV camera feeds.

This application can be customized to fit many different requirements and specifications. This includes detecting crowds indoors, outdoors, or in various mega event venues. Data can be easily shared with 3rd party systems using APIs.

e. Platform Flexibility

To enable different applications and scenarios, and fulfill all possible market requirements, Falcon-I has been designed to support On-premise, Edge, and Cloud deployment.

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