Comprehensive Traffic & Mobility Analytics Platform

Wamd Platform is QMIC’S flagship product, which is classified as  the regional and national leading system in the areas of Intelligent Mobility, Logistics Management/Telematics Services, and Road Safety. QMIC’s portfolio is continuously expanding with its rich applications and services that are optimized for users in our region.

Real-Time Services

Traffic and mobility solution provides a set of services which are unmatched in Qatar. These include: 

The most updated map of Qatar; with monthly GIS update

Real Time congestion information

Smart routing and navigation engine

Rich data about point of interests in Qatar

Live corridors

Road traffic situation predictions

Road incident detection

Real-time parking availability

Traffic dashboard

Travel time trends

Data Analytics Services

In addition of the real-time services, QMIC provides many mobility analytics services that use a historical data bank:

  • Origin-destination matrices: number of vehicle trips in Qatar
  • Journey time: trip duration between any points A and B in Qatar
  • IsoChrone/IsoDistance: Reachability area and duration for any place / service in Qatar
  • Traffic Counts: the estimated average number of vehicles/hour in each road segment
  • Turning Movement: the percentage of vehicles according to their movement: Straight, Turning right, Turning left, Making U-turn.
QMIC’s Intelligent Mobility Cloud Structure

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