Intelligent Unified Central Platform

A Smart Approach to Multi-System Control

Intelligent Unified Central Platform is an end-to-end solution that integrates a company’s internal and external systems into a unified platform. It can collect, process, and analyze the data from the systems in real-time. It provides users with a single view of all systems and different uses and tools to interact with and support their activities.

Value proposition

  • Provides unified information which shows a single version of truth and holistic view of all systems
  • Generates actionable information that can be used by different departments and teams in order to enhance the operations
  • Real-time alerting helps to quickly attend to different incidents
  • The platform could be configured and customized based on what a business or enterprise require

Potential Use-cases


Smart City

Smart Campus


Main features



Real-time Monitoring


Action Center


How it works

Intelligent Unified Central Platform – high level structure

Intelligent Unified Central Platform Request Form