Wain Introduces Major Content Enhancements

Wain Introduces Major Content Enhancements

Aug 19, 2021

Cycling and Electrical Charging Stations Microapps

New highlighted locations on dynamic map

Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) has released an updated version of its Wain mobile platform, focusing on adding important and valuable content to users. Wain’s dynamic map became richer through the introduction of featured locations, which are displayed uniquely through special icons and content. Additionally, this release introduces two major microapps, one featuring all local cycling routes, and another featuring all Electric Vehicle charging stations in Qatar. These updates represent another milestone in Wain’s journey towards becoming a comprehensive local content and location-based services platform.

With life gradually returning to normal after the global pandemic, gatherings and major events are slowly coming back to the local scene. Thus, Wain introduced “featured locations” as a new addition to its dynamic and rich map. “Featured locations” represent the most important locations, places, and events happening at the moment in Qatar. They are differentiated from the regular locations by a unique icon that represents the promoted location, or event. Additionally, rich media can be attached to that certain highlighted icon where relevant short videos and pictures can be displayed to users.

Ever since the introduction of the microapps feature, Wain strived to fully utilize it by providing additional valuable content to its users. In this release, Wain introduced two additional and unique microapps that provide useful information to a wide range of users in Qatar. First is the release of Wain’s specialized cycling microapp, which provides a comprehensive map view of all cycling routes in Qatar, showing the routes proximity and length. It also allows cycling enthusiasts to share these routes with their friends or navigate to them. In future iterations of the app, more information relevant to cyclists will be added to this section of the app.

Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director and CEO of QMIC commented, “”

Another addition to Wain’s suite of microapps, is the introduction of the electrical vehicle charging stations microapp. In a joint effort with “Kahramaa,” over 20 charging stations have been added to the microapp. Wain and Kahramaa will continue to work together to keep the information about charging stations up to date to its users, and in order to provide any additional content that may be relevant. This collaboration comes in line with the local efforts to achieve sustainability in line with Qatar Vision 2030, and in support of Kahramaa’s initiative to install over 100 charging stations by 2022 and help reduce carbon emissions by at least 7%. Wain is committed to play a central role in the transformation of road infrastructure to the next generation of intelligent mobility, which is why this collaboration can prove to be highly fruitful for all involved stakeholders.

Wain aims to continue its growth with an increased focus on providing content and location-based services that enhances user experience and benefit. It will continue to work along strategic partners to regularly introduce more features and create additional value beyond its core services.