QMIC Receives 2015 Best Innovations Award at QF Annual Research Conference

QMIC Receives 2015 Best Innovations Award at QF Annual Research Conference

March 22nd, 2016. Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) received the 2015 best innovations award for its Masarak program at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference. The award was given to QMIC for delivering the best local innovation program and which has a significant impact on the community and in the market place. . The award was delivered by her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, the Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), and was received by Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, the Executive Director of QMIC on behalf of the QMIC team during the opening session of the annual ARC research conference.


“We are very proud to be recognized for our many years of hard work that resulted in delivering Masarak; one of the first large-scale digital solutions developed fully in Qatar. We are delighted that Masarak has been adopted by many government entities and private enterprises to serve their operational needs in the areas of fleet management, road safety, and traffic operations. Furthermore, the Masarak iTraffic application is being used by thousands of travelers in Qatar to provide them with rich location-based services to enhance their safety and improve their driving experience”, Dr. Abu-Dayya said on this event.


“Our gratitude goes to our partners as we wouldn’t have done it without the strong partnership that we established with many national organizations; mainly with Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, MOI, MMUP (currently MME), and others.” Dr. Abu-Dayya added.


QMIC started working on building Masarak Intelligent transport system from scratch back in 2010. Since then, QMIC has evolved Masarak over the years from a simple solution to a very comprehensive suite of services and solutions that serves three market segments: traffic & navigation, road safety, and fleet telematics. In recognition of its innovative service-oriented and data-centric approach, Masarak has won three regional and international awards in the last 2 years.


As part of Masarak system, QMIC developed the first Bluetooth traffic sensing hardware device in Qatar (WaveTraf™), which is currently deployed on many of the intersections in the country and bring in few millions of traffic records per day which helps build the rich bank of data that feeds all the applications and services in Masarak with realtime and historic data to produce a very meaningful information about current as well as trending traffic data in the country.


Masarak represents a successful example of building digital industries based on knowledge and local know-how. QMIC fortunately, didn’t stop at building the magnificent Masarak system, on the contrary, Masarak was just the beginning of deploying many other digital systems to tackle other needs of local community such as the Hawa’ak environmental monitoring solution, the Salamtek road safety solution, the Labeeb IoT platform, and soon to come connected vehicles and others.
About QMIC:

The Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) is the first independent innovations center in the region with a focus on developing and deploying smart mobility systems and services. QMIC’s main goal is to use locally engineered innovations and knowledge to create technology-based industries that address regional challenges and grow with mega projects in Qatar and the region. Since 2009, and through its focus, on distributed sensing, data collection & management, services creation and delivery, QMIC is becoming a national leader in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). In particular, QMIC has been leading in delivering IoT platforms, and IoT solutions and services in vertical domains including Intelligent Transport, Logistics & Telematics, Road Safety and Environment. Through its offices at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), QMIC is working closely with key national partners and stakeholders to realize a market-focused innovations ecosystem in Qatar.