QMIC Launches a new Wain Release with Dedicated Content and Enablers Related to Covid19

QMIC Launches a new Wain Release with Dedicated Content and Enablers Related to Covid19

Apr 6, 2020

Doha: Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) has released a new major version of its Wain Mobile Application which includes a set of content, services, and enablers in support of the national efforts to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid19).  Wain is available for free to download from Google Play and Apple app stores.

Firstly, the new Wain release includes a dedicated Public Health section to provide users with info and location-based services related to Covid19. In particular, the section includes a list of important emergency contacts as well as delivery numbers for groceries and pharmacies to encourage users to stay home. In addition, the section includes educational materials such as videos and infographic provided by government authorities, live map highlighting nearest medical facilities and hospitals to users current location, and a news feed regarding important announcements to Covid19 by local authorities.

Secondly, to leverage the location-intelligence capabilities of the Wain platform, the new release has a new and important capability to deliver location-based notifications and alerts to users within a certain geographical area, or to users entering or leaving a certain zone. This capability can be utilized to inform Wain users about important road events or health restrictions that might impact their mobility behavior.

Thirdly, the new release comes with a major update to QMIC’s map to deliver richer and more user-friendly experience and to highlight key road changes and conditions. In collaboration with major stakeholders in Qatar, QMIC is spending significant effort to update its GIS and mapping platform to keep up with continuous changes to the Qatar road network and enhance the navigation experience of Wain users.

Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director and CEO of QMIC said, “During this unprecedented time, QMIC is committed to supporting our Qatari community by sharing our technological expertise, innovative services, and knowledge to contribute towards a response to the coronavirus pandemic. This new Wain release with its dedicated public health section and unique enablers to deliver location-based alerts only represents the first step in realizing our Covid19 action plan that includes different innovative tools and solutions which we hope to release in the next few weeks”.

In addition to the newly added features, Wain has a collection of unique features such as up-to-date dynamic map, real-time traffic information, advanced intelligent navigation services, rich POIs,  and real time parking information that allow it to stand uniquely positioned to be the de-facto companion for users on Qatar roads.

Since its launch, Wain continues to provide its users with update-to-date tools and services to enhance their driving experience and safety on Qatar roads. The Wain app has been downloaded more than 300,000 times and is being used in Qatar by tens of thousands of users on a monthly basis.