MG Abdulaziz Aldoseri

MG Abdulaziz Aldoseri

Major General (MG) Abdulaziz Aldoseri is the Space and Telecommunication Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Affairs in Qatar. MG Aldoseri graduated with BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Seattle University, Seattle, USA. He then received his Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Technology from Coventry University, UK.

MG Aldoseri has contributed significantly to the ICT sector in Qatar Armed Forces. He started as an Engineer Officer in Signal Corps and progressed till he was appointed as the Commander of the Signal Corps in the Qatar Armed Forces. MG Aldoseri was the Assistant, Technical Affairs to the State Minister for Defense Affairs between 2014 and 2016 before being appointed as the Signal and Information Technology Corps Commander.

MG Aldoseri is one of the founders of the first Qatari Satellite Company (Eshailsat) and led the technical team during the manufacturing phase of the Qatari Satellite.  MG Aldoseri has been acting as the Deputy Chairperson of Eshailsat company since its inception.

Also, MG Aldosari has held the position of Deputy Chairperson of Gulf Bridge International company (GBI) for three years. 

In May 2022, MG Aldosari joined the Joint Management Board of QMIC.