24th World ITMA Congress

Traffic medicine includes all those activities aimed at reducing harm from traffic crashes. The goal of ITMA is to reduce harm from traffic crashes. QMIC will be showcasing their solutions aimed at enhancing the country’s Road Safety during this event. QMIC will also be holding workshops demonstrating the intelligent solutions developed to create an eco-system of Road Safety in Qatar.

The term traffic medicine has been in use for over 40 years. It figured prominently in the name of our organization, the International Association for Accident and Traffic Medicine (IAATM), founded in 1960 in San Remo, Italy. With the renaming in 2000 of IAATM as the International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA), traffic medicine occupied an even larger portion and more prominent role in the organization’s name.

ITMA will be held in Sheraton Doha from November 16-18, 2015. For more information, click here.