Intelligent Mobility

QMIC’s expertise in the fields of intelligent mobility and innovations proved vital during its collaboration with the Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

Both entities signed a partnership back in 2019 to realize smart mobility innovations across various important domains with the goal of providing Ashghal with the necessary tools to transition from being a technology user to an innovations service provider.

The project focuses on multiple important tracks:

1. Integrated Traffic and Road Asset Monitoring

Focused on supporting Ashghal’s road asset management efforts through traffic data & analytics

2. Connected Vehicles (V2X) Field Pilot & Deployment Plan

Enabling the next generation of intelligent transport systems. The project lays out a detailed deployment plan for V2X technology to be deployed in Qatar including a large scale pilot which is already in progress

3. Smart Highway Testbed for New Innovative Technologies

Ashghal and QMIC will utilize a specified corridor (highway) in Doha to act as a testbed for all the latest innovations in the field of intelligent mobility. This will serve as an important large scale pilot before nationwide implementation

4. Wain Mobile Platform and Enablers

The project aims to take Wain mobile digital platform to the next phase via introducing new features and enhancing the current capabilities, some of which have already been implemented such as location-based alerts, and a dedicated Ashghal section. Wain will increasingly become the main mobile channel for communicating with the public about road conditions and location-based services