HUMIDEX is a smart automated, locally made platform to continuously monitor and display heat stress information. Alongside, it provides customized alerts to different stakeholders such as oil and gas companies, to ensure safe field operations in compliance with relevant government regulations and policies. It is a vital solution to provide data to relevant stakeholders regarding harsh weather conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

1. QMIC Provided a Smart Solution to Overcome Shortcomings with Traditional Measures

With HUMIDEX, it overcomes the lack of data accuracy, lack of future planning tools, and the laborious effort needed to support manual monitoring processes

2. Enhanced Collaboration with Health and Safety Managers

Through consistent monitoring, HUMIDEX can serve as an indicator of harsh weather conditions to monitor heat stress levels. If readings reach dangerous levels, the affected party will be alerted

3. Automatic Data Collection

This would significantly aid in future planning and scheduling, as it would ultimately provide stakeholders with vital information on harsh weather conditions