Framework for Cooperative Multimedia Multi-casting in Dense Environments

Project Description



The project aims at designing, implementing, and optimizing a novel scalable framework for cooperative multimedia multicasting in dense environments with a large number of smartphone users located in a given geographical area. This is particularly applicable to high density network scenarios such as delivering near real-time multimedia content to fans watching a soccer game in a stadium, or to participants attending a major conference in a large auditorium. The project is a renewal for NPRP Grant 09-180-2-078 (2010-2013) and, thus, it builds on a wide range of acquired experiences and achieved accomplishments.




The framework development will include generic problem formulations using mixed integer linear programming to facilitate the design of relaxed and heuristic sub-optimal algorithms suitable for large scale network scenarios in terms of computational complexity, performance efficiency, and cost. The designed algorithms will intelligently divide the users into cooperative clusters where selected cluster heads receive content from properly deployed access points and multicast it locally to cluster members via device-to-device cooperation. Major challenges include low-complexity optimized cluster formation, inter-cluster interference coordination, intra-cluster and inter-cluster synchronization, incentive and privacy considerations, scalable operation with thousands of devices, in addition to implementation based on standard smartphones and local area network wireless technologies.




In addition to addressing the major research challenges, the project outcomes include the development of a complete practical mobile solution that implements the designed algorithms using long range multicasting from access points to cluster heads over WiFi 802.11 protocols and short range multicasting within clusters using techniques based on WiFi-Direct protocol. The mobile solution will also include the development of user-friendly interactive Android-based mobile application that supports operational functionalities such as search, discover, attach, and cooperate for specific end-user applications with multimedia content. The mobile solution will be fully implemented and tested experimentally in a real testbed environment such as an auditorium in a convention center or a soccer stadium. The experimental evaluation is essential to bridge theory with practice by adapting and optimizing the design, algorithms, and protocols based on realistic constraints, limitations, and opportunities.





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