ITS & Future Mobility: Qatar Forum

ITS & Future Mobility: Qatar Forum

“Reimagining the role of intelligent transport solutions for the development of Qatar’s integrated, smart and sustainable transport eco-system”

The landscape of mobility in Qatar is changing rapidly with the introduction of Qatar’s rail network, Lusail tram and Doha Expressway packages. Futhermore, new trends in mobility models and advancements in technology are enabling the integration of these otherwise disparate modes of transportation.

With this in mind, the ITS and Future Mobility Qatar Forum will focus on the integration and connectivity of mobility models through the use of intelligent transport solutions such as autonomous vehicles, big data, intelligent signage and effective traffic management strategies.

Don’t miss your chance to network with government ministries, developers, consultants and contractors working to leverage the latest intelligent transport solutions for the development of Qatar’s smart and sustainable transport ecosystem.

The event will feature several speakers from Qatar Mobility Innovations Center, including Dr. Fethi Filali, Head of Technology Development & Applied Research, Dr. Hamid Menouar, Senior Research & Development Expert, Heni Karaa, Product manager of IoT platforms & devices, and Youssef Abdulhadi, Senior Manager of Business Development and Marketing.

For more information about the event, please refer to the website here.