QMIC Showcases Local Innovative Technologies & Solutions to Enable Smart Cities in Kuwait Exhibition

QMIC Showcases Local Innovative Technologies & Solutions to Enable Smart Cities in Kuwait Exhibition

Feb 17, 2020

Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), which is one of the leading local institutions in in using local R&D to create scalable digital industries in Qatar, is featuring several innovative technologies and smart solutions developed in Qatar and ready for implementation on a regional and global scale to support smart cities. This  is happening through QMIC’s participation in the Made-in-Qatar Exhibition, organized by the Qatar Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade & Industry, which is taking place in Kuwait from February 19th to February 22nd.

QMIC participation will focus on demonstrating its market ready digital platforms and solutions that can play a key role in enabling smart and safe living with a focus on the areas of intelligent mobility and environment health & safety.           In the area of intelligent mobility, QMIC will showcase its unique and comprehensive intelligent mobility platform that utilizes traffic data and innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence to enhance road safety, improve traffic efficiency, increase productivity and efficiency, and provide tools and analytics to support crowd management and infrastructure planning. The QMIC comprehensive mobility platform includes four interrelated significant sub-platforms comprising of: Traffic Information Platform & Analytics, Fleet Management Platform & Services, WaveTraf Road Sensing Platform, and Wain Mobile Platform for services on the road

These sub-platforms and solutions have already been adopted by various Qatari government bodies and private sector enterprises and provided immense value across various projects. Taking into consideration QMIC’s accumulated technology, operational and implementation experience in this field, QMIC’s intelligent mobility solutions are fully ready to be implemented on a regional scale.  In addition, QMIC will demonstrate the technology progress it has made in piloting and deploying its vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure platform and suite of applications which can play a significant role in enhancing road safety and enabling autonomous driving.

In the area of environment & sustainability, and specifically under Health & Safety segment, QMIC will be showcasing its automated heat stress monitoring platform “Humidex”. It protects individuals working under harsh environmental conditions by continuously measuring the levels of heat stress, and intuitively alerting supervisors and field workers to any potential danger in a timely manner. Humidex is an innovative alternative to replace current outdated and inefficient methods of heat stress monitoring which mainly rely on a combination of spot manual measurements, inaccurate and location irrelevant data, and a manual flagging system. This data-centric smart solution has already been implemented by major enterprises in the Oil & Gas sector in Qatar, as well as making its way into construction sites and more.

Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, QMIC’s Executive Director (CEO) commented: “We are pleased to be participating in our second Made in Qatar exhibition after our first participation in Oman last year. This participation clearly demonstrates the readiness of our home-grown solutions and platforms for regional deployment and confirms the progress QMIC has made in translating its R&D&I effort into tangible market impact.  Our strategy of adopting an integrated innovations model that seamlessly combines R&D, Solution Development and Market Implementation has clearly proven to be successful in tackling the operational market realities and industry eco-system challenges. We wish to thank all stakeholders, customers, and partners in Qatar who provided us with the needed support to execute our strategy and scale up our implementation plan.”