Q-Post and QMIC Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Introducing On-demand Local Delivery Platform (Tasleem

Q-Post and QMIC Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Introducing On-demand Local Delivery Platform (Tasleem

TUESDAY (March 7th): Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today with Qatar Postal Services Company (Q-Post) at QMIC’s booth at the QITCOM exhibition. This new partnership establishes the framework for these two local national entities to work jointly in using QMIC’s newly developed delivery platform branded as Tasleem (means delivery in Arabic) in order to support on-demand local delivery services in Qatar and beyond. This enterprise-centric solution is set to fill an important market gap in terms of enabling large scale crowd logistics services to support local e-commerce businesses, enterprises, and government.

As part of the partnership agreement, both parties have agreed to pilot Tasleem in the next few months as a stand-alone local delivery platform in order to pave the way for a potential large scale launch at a later stage. In addition, Q-Post and QMIC will collaborate to further evolve QMIC’s Tasleem platform to tackle different use cases and address different deployment scenarios to ensure it is fully tailored to meet the needs and growing demands of local and regional markets.

On this occasion, Mr. Faleh Mohammed Al-Naemi, Chairman and Managing Director of Q-Post said: “QPost is embarking on a major digital transformation initiative to broaden the set and enhance the quality of services we deliver to our customers. As such, we are excited to work with QMIC to explore the potential of its new innovative local delivery platform that can complement our existing delivery channels. We look forward to working together to expand the Tasleem local delivery platform and services to address the expanding needs of our enterprise and government customers and to assess its potential use at a regional level.”

Commenting on this partnership, Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, the Executive Director and CEO of QMIC said “By leveraging QMIC’s unmatched expertise and assets in the area of mobility technologies, GIS, and location-based services, we are pleased to announce that we have developed the first release of our Tasleem enterprise-level delivery platform. This can enable the rapidly expanding eCommerce market in the region by simplifying and optimizing local delivery. We are extremely pleased to work with Q-Post to start piloting this platform and to evolve it to maximize its impact for all partners and to deliver value to end users. We strongly believe that Q-Post (and other incumbent Postal Services Operators) has the potential of being a leading enabler of the new digital economy, we are confident that this partnership can contribute to realizing this potential.”


Tasleem is the latest addition to QMIC’s expanding set of locally-built platforms and services in the area of intelligent mobility. It uses the principles of sharing economy, namely crowd logistics, to offer on-demand local delivery services by efficiently matching supply and demand. As such, Tasleem compliments traditional dedicated delivery methods and offers many advantages by reducing delivery time, optimizing efficiency by better utilizing the available delivery resources and dynamically using extra ones, and by enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction.

The Tasleem enterprise on-demand delivery platform and services will complement the existing postal and other dedicated enterprise delivery channels. It will aid these enterprises by offering an end-to-end technology platform to organize and better manage the local delivery demand, and to provide additional pool of drivers only when needed so that enterprise can optimize the delivery process to meet expanding customer expectations and do it in an economically efficient manner.