New Updated Version of Wain

New Updated Version of Wain

QMIC launched a new and enhanced version of Wain, available for both iOS and Android users, which includes several improvements on current features, as well as introducing brand new features focusing on user contribution and engagement.


This version of Wain introduces a complete revamp to the search section, with easier accessible shortcuts to the most common and popular categories, which will lead to Wain showing results nearest by distance to the user’s location. Additionally, the search section will sort out the most recent searches to the user when the search section is opened.


The categories section, also known as Places, has undergone a complete revamp in terms of look and feel as well as sorting and content. QMIC updated its database of POIs and locations to better fit the needs of users. Subsequently, the map now features richer content for users to navigate through and to.


Moreover, users are now granted the ability to contribute content via reporting any missing POIs or speed cameras. This features allows users to be active agents and contributors to Wain and its content, in order to continue providing the best and most updated content and service to all of users.


You can download Wain for free through the following links:

iOS: Download Here

Android: Download Here