Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities


Smart IoT-powered solutions developed locally by QMIC provide a range of benefits for service providers. Environment solutions like Air Quality Monitoring, Weather stations, and Smart Work Safety Management Solution (Shams) that support service providers in improving safety and controlling their environmental impact. Service providers may also benefit from utilizing our traffic information & analytics in order to enhance their operations by avoiding congested areas and roads, as well as traffic studies for a certain location or project. Asset Management can be useful in real-time monitoring for onsite valuable assets. Additionally, Work Force Manager provides benefits for efficient management of field teams.



The following is a real-life example of how a company in this sector was able to benefit from QMIC’s Solutions:



Project Name: Weather Stations & Air Quality Monitoring System and Services



Solutions Provided From QMIC: Hawa’ak Custom Weather & Air Quality Stations.



Project Description: QMIC supplied SC with multiple customized weather and air quality stations at 3 different locations in order to gather localized weather data that can be a direct representative of each site’s micro climate. This data provides valuable insights into the environmental impact of SC’s operations and aids in managing it efficiently.




  • Receiving alerts about defined hazardous environmental/weather/radiation changes
  • Generate reports on historical weather/environment/radiation information to pinpoint trends
  • Real-time measurement of hazardous material and gases.