Transport Services

Transport Services



QMIC provides a wide array of solutions that suits this specific sector of the market. Environment solutions like Air Quality Monitoring and Weather stations that support Oil & Gas companies in improving safety and controlling their environmental impact. Several enterprises may also benefit from utilizing our traffic information & analytics in order to enhance their operations by avoiding congested areas and roads. Asset Management can be useful in real-time monitoring for onsite valuable assets. Additionally, Work Force Manager provides benefits for efficient management of field teams.


The following is a real-life example of how a company in this sector was able to benefit from QMIC’s Solutions:


Project Name: Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System


Solutions Provided From QMIC: Fleet Management Solution (Advanced), Customized Safety Reports.


Project Description:  Client’s requirements to get fleet management solution for their buses in order to monitor and track vehicles & driver behavior such as driving patterns, harsh acceleration\declaration, trip times,  geo-fencing alerts (over speeding in specific zones). QMIC provided advanced version of fleet management solution in addition to customized reports in order to match the client’s requirements and needs. This has returned the following benefits to the stakeholders



  • Improve Business efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance & Fuel Cost
  • Improve Driver Safety & Behavior
  • Reduce Environmental Effect
  • Reduce Driving Related Risks