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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position: AI-Based Automation in 5G Cellular Networks

Position Title :
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Qatar Mobility Innovations Center, Doha, Qatar invites applications for a self-motivated machine
learning researcher who is about to complete his/her PhD or has completed his/her Ph.D. preferably in
Electrical and Computer Engineering or a highly related quantitative field. The position will provide the
selected candidate an opportunity to play the key role in an internationally collaborative project on AI
Enabled automation of 5th generation and beyond mobile cellular networks. Candidates aspiring to
become independent research experts in the domain of next generation AI enabled networks are
encouraged to apply. The selected candidate will be offered a one-year full time position with renewable
contract at QMIC. The position is based in Doha, Qatar. The candidate will have the opportunity for close
collaboration with the project partners at AI4Networks Research Center at University of Oklahoma, USA.


Job Description:

The selected candidate is expected to work on following research themes to:
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Network Automation and Optimization for 5G and beyond
• Big Data analytics exploitation in wireless networks.
More specifically the role will involve following technical tasks
1. Enriching Training Data
• Collection and fusion of multisource telecom data.
• Generation of synthetic data using cellular simulators.
• Generation of pseudo real data through test beds.
• Improve the quality of data by using data augmentation techniques.
• Perform data analytics to find important features and parameters
2. Building Models
• Perform descriptive and prescriptive data analysis and build predictive models
• Develop parametric and non-parametric models
• Develop evolutionary models based on deep learning
3. Creating Self-Optimization Solutions for emerging networks
• Leverage the descriptive and predictive models of the network and user behaviour for
designing self- optimization solutions


Applicant Qualifications:
• Completed or in the process of completing their Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer engineering or
other highly relevant quantitative field.
• Post-graduate lever course work and trainings in Data Science

• Relevant publication track record in IEEE Journals/Conferences
Desired Skills and Experience:
The candidate must have a strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience in these areas:
• Machine Learning
• Data Analytics
• Python
• Research experience with telecom data and self-organizing network
• Very good work ethics and excellent collaboration skills

The selected candidate expected to come up with independent research ideas and collaborate with project
team to publish in top-tier IEEE journals, transactions and magazines, as well as create intellectual
property that is potentially patentable. The selected candidate will also have the opportunity to work with
post-graduate students working in the AI4Networks Center and collaborate with the internal and external
partners participating in the project.

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